The Works of Joss Whedon, SW/TX PCA/ACA (11/15/09; 2/10-13/10)

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Southwest/Texas Popular Culture/American Culture Associations
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CFP: The Works of Joss Whedon, SW/TX PCA/ACA (11/15/09; 2/10-13/10)

Join us at the 2010 Southwest/Texas Popular Culture/American Culture Association 31st Annual Conference, at which the Science Fiction and Fantasy Area will be honored!

The Hyatt Regency Conference Hotel, Albuquerque, NM, February 10-13, 2010.

This is a special CFP on the works of Joss Whedon, including: Dollhouse, Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog, comics (Buffy season 8, Astonishing X-Men, Runaways, Spike, Angel, Fray), Buffy, Angel, Firefly, and Serenity.

We especially encourage presentations on:
• Dollhouse
• Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog
• Genre transformations: Buffy and Angel's continuations and transformations into comics (Buffy season 8/Angel: After the Fall) or Firefly's transformation into Serenity, etc.
• Whedon's work on Astonishing X-Men, Runaways, Fray, and/or Tales of the Vampires/Tales of the Slayers
• The construction of place and space
• The intersections of memory, identity, and consciousness
• Socioeconomic class
• Sexuality & gender performance
• Race & ethnicity
• Teaching Joss Whedon's work
• The influence and styles of writers from the "Whedon school of television writing," such as Jane Espenson, David Greenwalt, Tim Minear, Marti Noxon, etc.

All Whedonverse topics will be considered. Please be sure to check out the essays published in Slayage: the Online Journal of Buffy Studies as well as the multiple publications on Whedon's work prior to submitting. Familiarity with the field is expected.

Deadline for proposal submissions: November 15, 2009. Earlier proposals are accepted and will be responded to with all due haste. The registration deadline is December 15, 2009. All participants must register by that date or will not be permitted to present or appear in the program.

Please send (preferably electronic) queries, 250 word paper proposals, and 500 word panel proposals to BOTH Alyson Buckman ( AND Tamy Burnett ( Include full contact info (name, institutional affiliation if any, snail mail address, phone and fax numbers, and e-mail) for all participants, working titles for proposals, as well as current curriculum vitae.

Snail mail contact info: (if preferred)
Alyson Buckman, PhD
Department of Humanities and Religious Studies
6000 J St.
California State University, Sacramento
Sacramento, CA 95819-6083

Tamy Burnett
Department of English
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
PO Box 880333
Lincoln, NE 68588-0333

For more details on the conference, please visit the Southwest/Texas Popular Culture/American Culture Association:

Visit the Science Fiction and Fantasy Area on Facebook:

Whedonverse proposals should be submitted solely to the addresses above ( and Other Science Fiction and Fantasy proposals should go to Ximena Gallardo:

Register early for discounted cost (by 11/30/09) and to reserve space at the conference hotel as discounted rooms fill quickly.

More about the SF&F Area:
The Area was founded in 1995 by Prof. Richard Tuerk of the Texas A&M University-Commerce (formerly East Texas State University) and author of Oz in Perspective (McFarland, 2007). The Area is currently chaired by Ximena Gallardo C. of the City University of New York-LaGuardia, Alyson Buckman of the California State University-Sacramento, Tamy Burnett of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and Brian Cowlishaw of Northeastern State University. Though the co-chairs consult on submissions, Ximena is primarily responsible for the general organization of the conference panels and coordinating special topics, Alyson and Tamy coordinate the Whedonverse panels (Buffy, Firefly, Angel, Dollhouse, and etc.), and Brian reviews and organizes the literature panels.

With an average of 70+ presenters annually, The Science Fiction and Fantasy Area of the Southwest and Texas Popular Culture and American Culture Association is one of the most dynamic and well-attended areas at the conference. Numerous publications have originated from our panels.