CFP: Lost

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Southwest/Texas Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association
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CFP: Lost
SW/TX PCA/ACA (11/15/09; 10-13/02/10)

The 20010 Southwest/Texas Popular Culture/American Culture Association 30th Annual Conference, The Hyatt Regency Conference Hotel, Albuquerque, NM, February 24-28, 2009.

This is a special call for papers on the television series Lost.
The following topics are a small sampling of what might be addressed:
• poststructuralist narrative methods in Lost (flashbacks, multiple perspectives of the same event, etc.)
• Lost as science fiction and/or fantasy
• Lost fan culture including online fandom
• conspiracy theories and Lost
• concepts of Destiny and/or the Chosen One
• nontraditional TV series characters (e.g., Hurley, Sun and Jin, etc.)
• gender and race in Lost
• time travel and time-travel paradoxes
• religious themes and imagery

Please send queries and 250-word paper proposals to:

Brian Cowlishaw

Include with the submission full contact information including email, phone, snail mail, and institutional affiliation.

Deadline for proposal submissions: November 15, 2009. The registration deadline is December 15, 2009. All participants must register by that date or they will not be permitted to present or appear in the program.

For more details on the conference, please visit the Southwest/Texas Popular Culture/American Culture Association:

More about the SF&F Area
The Area was founded in 1995 by Prof. Richard Tuerk of the Texas A&M University-Commerce (formerly East Texas State University) and author of Oz in Perspective (McFarland, 2007). The Area is currently chaired by Ximena Gallardo C. of the City University of New York-LaGuardia and co-author of Alien Woman: The Making of Lt. Ellen Ripley (Continuum: 2004), Alyson Buckman of the California State University-Sacramento, Tamy Burnett of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and Brian Cowlishaw of Northeastern State University. Though the co-chairs consult on submissions, Ximena is primarily responsible for the general organization of the conference panels and coordinates special panels, Alyson and Tamy coordinate the Whedonverse panels (Buffy, Firefly, Angel, and etc.), and Brian reviews and organizes the literature panels.

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