Lesbian Queer?: Investigating Eighteenth-Century Notions of Women's Love, Homosociability, Homosexuality, and Queerness

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American Society for Eighteenth Century Studies, Gay and Lesbian Caucus
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When we talk about a queer eighteenth century, do we include women or is queerness only a male experience? Is there a femino-centric homosexual experience that occurred in the Eighteenth Century? Can we even talk of a lesbian Eighteenth Century? If so, does it share anything in common with the male homosexual experience, or does it develop forms of desire and community that are wholly its own? This panel is interested in topics based on female relationships, female communes, or female utopias in a possible lesbian queer eighteenth century.

Please send a 300 word abstract, and a CV to both Michael Taylor (mttaylor@ucalgary.ca) and Kristi Krumnow (kristi.krumnow@usu.edu) by September 10, 2009.