Publishing and Professional Development

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Letizia Guglielmo
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We are seeking short anecdotes for inclusion in a forthcoming book (Tentative Title: Publishing for Profit and Promotion) addressing publishing and professional development opportunities for non-tenured faculty (graduate students, part-time faculty, adjuncts, assistant professors, academic professionals, lecturers, and other contingent faculty). We invite stories that share:

• Publishing opportunities for advancement in your field
• Professional development opportunities that led to personal advancement
• Frustrations and experiences of being "passed over" for lack of publications
• Workshop and faculty development ideas for empowering contingent faculty
• Hiring (and firing) practices at your institution
• Experiences with digital publication or non-traditional venues for publication
• Strategies for successful collaboration in publishing or professional development
• Experiences with IRB approval and research with human subjects
• Strategies for enacting and making public the scholarship of administration
• Strategies for securing grants for scholarship or professional development
• Alternate funding opportunities for scholarship or professional development
• Intellectual property issues, especially in online learning and digital course content
• Experiences developing and/or hosting in-house (departmental) or local conferences
• Connections between professional service and scholarship
• Creative discoveries of scholarship opportunities and topics for research

Send inquiries or 100-250 word anecdotes to either Lynée Lewis Gaillet or Letizia Guglielmo by October 1, 2009. Please include Publishing for Profit and Promotion in the subject line.