ASECS 2010: Eighteenth-Century Science and Questions of Genre (proposals due 9/15/09)

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John Savarese

"Eighteenth-Century Science and Questions of Genre" (Accepted panel at ASECS, March 18-21, 2010 in Albuquerque, NM).

This panel seeks papers that consider how the study of eighteenth-century scientific discourse can benefit from questions of literary form and genre. While the discoveries of natural philosophy can be brought to bear on literary works in useful ways, how did literary authors adopt or adapt scientific forms, or let them structure their literary projects? Where do differences of genre permit or constrain the transfer of knowledge, or of particular textual strategies? To what extent do certain literary genres or sub-genres (e.g. the Oriental tale) replicate or subserve particular natural philosophical counterparts (e.g. ethnology and linguistics)? How does this differ in the "hard" and "soft" sciences? Or, for instance, how does it differ between poetic texts and novels? Panelists are encouraged to consider the theoretical, methodological, or disciplinary questions that arise when scientific and literary texts are brought together.

Please send abstracts by email to John Savarese ( by September 15, 2009.