Many Manifestations: Iranians and Iranian Culture in the Global Diaspora, October 15, 2009 [UPDATE]

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Persis Karim and Babak Elahi

This collection of scholarly essays explores the Iranian diaspora that resulted from the mass migration from Iran after the 1979 Revolution and the subsequent establishment of the Islamic Republic, as well as the eight-year Iran-Iraq War. While recent scholarly attention has focused on the thirtieth anniversary of the revolution, far less scholarship has been dedicated to understanding and investigating the ways that Iranians and Iranian culture have taken hold in other countries, cultures, and contexts. This collection explores the emergence of a new field of Iranian Diaspora Studies. The last three decades have revealed interesting new hybrid cultural forms of Iranian culture that are emerging in music, film, literature, and cultural rituals/practices. Moreover, digital and real links between the diaspora and the nation continue to complicate the distinction between diasporic and national contexts. This collection seeks to represent a multi-disciplinary approach to Iranian Diaspora Studies. Essays might focus on gender and family relations in the diaspora, ethnicization of Iranians in Europe and North America, law, literature, film, art, media, civic engagement, Iranians in the post-9/11 context, as well as cultural rituals and practices that have been affected by their new locales. Similarly, we invite essays that interrogate the reception of these new "manifestations" of culture outside Iran, as well as their responses within Iran. Please direct your inquiries to the editors.
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