"Hogar, Dulce Hogar": An Exploration...of "Home" 9/21 Toronto 6-9 October 2010

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Latin American Studies Association (LASA)

Topic: "Hogar, Dulce Hogar": An Exploration into the Latin American/Latino Conceptualization and Experience of "Home"

Abstracts are invited for a proposed WORKSHOP on the topic of "Home" to take place at the XXIX International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association (LASA) on October 6-9, 2010 in Toronto, Canada. The theme of the conference is "Crisis, Response, and Recovery" (see http://lasa.international.pitt.edu/eng/congress/index.asp).

Abstracts may engage the concept of "home" from any discipline, period, or theoretical approach. The following list is meant to stimulate points of departure for abstracts and is not meant to define the limits of the topic:

Economic crisis and home
Politics of home
Exile and displacement
Moving home
Natural and man-made catastrophes
Private versus public spheres
Artistic representations of home
Mythologies of home
Objects of home
Space and home
Vernacular of home
Housework, servants, cleanliness and domesticity
Home as identity, as inner state, as relationship, as destination, as safe or dangerous, as a means of self-revelation, as subsuming, as belonging, as alienating
Sounds and scents of home
Sharing homes with pets and other creatures
Home as metaphor for the Self
Body as home

Note that workshops are more informal than panels. Participants are invited to explore the topic of "home" during the workshop in anticipation of two proposed publication venues. The organizers will be seeking future contributions for the first edition of a new journal and a proposed collection on the topic of "home."

Please send one-page abstracts by September 21, 2009 via e-mail only to either:

Mirtha Quintanales, PhD
Associate Professor
New Jersey City University


Yvette Louis, PhD
Assistant Professor
New Jersey City University