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Barbara Maio - University Roma Tre
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CFP Ol3Media – On-line journal of television, cinema and media studies – University Roma Tre


In recent years the vampire issue has been placed overwhelmingly all around because of a series of books and movies that have invaded our world. In film, literature or television, the vampire has reached an enviable position in the media landscape.
The next issue of Ol3Media will focus around this topic with essays that can provide food for thought on the subject on the production post-2000.
Possible suggestions (but we welcome suggestions for other topics):

- Literary sagas (Anne Rice, Lisa J. Smith, Charlaine Harris);
- Vampire Cinema (Blade, Underworld, Twilight, Van Helsing, Let the right one in, Night Watch, Day Watch);
- Buffy legacy: Vampires on TV (Blade: The Series, Blood Ties, Moonlight, True Blood, Demons);

The essays will be short reflections that can provide suggestions for discussion on various topics: gender, genres, audiences, web circulation, authorial style, link with tradition, relationship with teen drama etc.

Selected essays will be published in next issue of Ol3Media on line in mid-January 2010. The proposals, together with a brief biography of the author (5/6 lines) must be submitted by September 27 while accepted essays shall be completed and sent by January 6, 2010 (if in Italian) or December 13, 2009 (if in English) for the editing. Publication will be in Italian.

The length of the essays will be up to 2,000 words. We welcome hyperlinks to other sites, videos, photos. Jpg images of the maximum size of 200 kb can be sent for inclusion in the essay. The complete editorial notes will be sent to the authors of selected essays.

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