Issue 3 of the Journal of Postcolonial Culture and Societies

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Journal of Postcolonial Cultures and Societies
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CALL FOR PAPERS: The Postcolonial Gothic –Cultural Hauntings in Contested Space
The Journal of Postcolonial Cultures and Societies invites submission for its third issue to appear in August 2010. Papers for this issue should address some aspect of the topic:  The Postcolonial Gothic–Cultural Hauntings in contested space.  

David Punter has defined the postcolonial condition expressed in literature as inevitably haunted by the past, as a Gothic condition:
the peculiar condition of the literary will always be to effect a link between the actuality, the presence of such conditions, however powerful & terrifying, & the imaginary, universality ….in its proper position, in absence. (David Punter Postcolonial Imaginings 2000 p.189)
How do recent trends in literature and cultural expression (including films and images) use the postcolonial Gothic to explore issues of contested spaces?  haunted histories and locations?   How do recent trends in literature and cultural expression use the strategies of the Gothic to continue the postcolonial enterprise? How do Gothic  forms of narrative  including dark fantasy, magic realism, myth, folktale and legend, horror, some elements of science fiction, fabulist fiction and speculative fictions vehicle the postcolonial impulse? How are fictions of metamorphosis and shapeshifting  used to explore hybridity and the diasporan condition? How do ghost stories and ghostings enable an engagement with hidden histories of the colonial and imperial past?
Articles may range between 4,000 to 7,000 words. We seek submissions from a broad range of disciplines that examine a broad range of topics relating to culture and society, literature and film, and other visual and textual expressions. There are no restrictions on style or subject, except that authors deal with topics related to the journal's focus and comply with the layout of the house style  and delivery.
Note: the journal has a section devoted to creative writing, and it also will consider photos and artwork, which should be submitted initially as low-resolution bitmaps.  
 Manuscript submissions should be made in Microsoft Word and sent to the guest-editor for this issue, Gina Wisker at
Deadline for submissions: June 31, 2010.