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Journal of Postcolonial Cultutres and Societies
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The Journal of Postcolonial Cultures and Societies invites submission for its second issue to appear in April 2010. Papers for this issue should address some aspect of the topic: Postcolonialism in the Twenty-first Century. Where do postcolonial studies go after the moment of high theory has passed, after 9/11, and as violence continues in various places in the world? How has globalization affected postcolonial thought? How has literary studies responded to pressures to accept market practices? How do diasporic works of fiction relate to postcolonialism? What does it mean to be in a condition of "postnesss"? Is postness now pastness? How do recent trends in literature reflect neo-colonialism? How do recent trends in literature and culture continue the postcolonial enterprise? How do newer forms of narrative (graphic novel, fan/slash fiction, film, computer games, etc.) reflect the postcolonial impulse? Articles may range from 4,000 to 7,000 words. We seek submissions from a broad range of disciplines that examine a broad range of topics relating to culture and society. There are no restrictions on style or subject, except that authors deal with topics related to the journal's focus. Note: the journal has a section devoted to creative writing, and it also will consider photos and artwork, which should be submitted initially as low-resolution bitmaps.
 Manuscript submissions should be made in Microsoft Word and sent to the guest-editor for this issue, Roderick McGillis at
Deadline for submissions: January 31, 2010.

The Journal:
The peer-reviewed quarterly Journal of Postcolonial Cultures and Societies will be published online from Wright State University's Lake Campus and in limited print runs from the United States.. The journal's editorial board includes academics from an international range of colleges and universities.
The journal will include articles on all aspects of postcolonial cultures and societies, including the diasporic communities of Europe and North America. We invite submissions from a broad range of disciplines, including but not limited to business, communication, comparative studies, economics, education, fine arts, geography, history, language studies, literature, political science, regional studies, sociology, and rural and urban studies.