LAST-MINUTE CFP:Temporal Touching: A Roundtable Discussion of Medieval Romance and Popular Culture at Kalamzoo 2010 (13-16 May)

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Amy Burge, University of York on behalf of the Medieval Romance Society
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In recent years, medievalists have increasingly recognized the productivity of blurring the medieval/modern divide in order to examine the relevance of the medieval to the modern. We are no longer satisfied with the idea of histories and chronologies—whether purportedly factual or openly fictional—as linear, progressive, or innocent.

The proposed roundtable session "Temporal Touching: Medieval Romance and Popular Culture" aims to explore the transmission of medieval romance into modern popular culture and to investigate the benefits of diachronic research to medieval studies.

The roundtable will explore central themes and questions, such as in what ways is medieval romance used/transmitted into the modern? How can medievalism affect our ideas about our own 'modernity'? Does medievalism have a place within medieval studies? How can diachronic research be beneficial to medieval (and modern) romance scholars? The session will begin to look more positively at medievalism and consider productive ways in which diachronicity can be helpful to medieval studies.

The Medieval Romance Society values interdisciplinarity and welcome proposals for participation in the roundtable from graduate students as well as established scholars. 250 word abstracts should be submitted by September 15 to Amy Burge at