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Specs Journal/ Rollins College
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specs, a journal of arts and culture, invites submissions of critical and/or creative work for the 3rd volume on the theme of "Toys." We seek works of fiction, non-fiction, cultural criticism, artwork, poetry, and pieces that blur genre boundaries. The editorial board consists of writers and academics from various fields. Articles are peer-reviewed. We are excited by specialty, an excess of detail, fragments, narratives, meta-narratives, and more. We are particularly interested in works that examine contemporary culture and/or cross the critical/creative divide while riffing on the theme of "Toys" in multiple ways (philosophy, anthropology, mythology):

-Misfit toys
-The multicultural body in toys
-Technophilia/ Techno-animism
-Automata & Clockworks
-Bobbleheads, Marytoshkyas, & Dashboard figurines
-Barbie Dolls / Action Figures / Gendered toys
-Neverlands/Wonderlands/Child Stars
-Toy as Totem: Models, Simulations, and Miniatures
-Kawaii/Japanese toy culture
-Animals as accessories / Furries
-Prize in the box / Tchotchkes / Kitsch / Nostalgia
-Toy Mediums (a la Daniel Tiffany)
-Sex toys
-Taxidermy / Living Dolls / Mannequins/ Replicants
-Commodified icons

Online submissions are preferred (editors@specsjournal.org) Please visit www.specsjournal.org for submission guidelines and regulations. Also, visit us on Twitter and Facebook for real time updates, news, publication schedule and more.

Deadline: Feb 15 for critical papers, March 15 for everything else