[UPDATE] Medieval Automata and Simulacra: From the Daemonic to the Hydraulic [Medieval Congress at Kalamazoo, May 13–16, 2009]

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Anthony Adams, Brown University
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LAST CALL!! Paper still needed to complete session! Send brief abstract to Anthony_Adams@brown.edu

Seeking papers on any aspect of medieval or Renaissance simulacra, automata, or mirabilia, whether textual or material. Subjects that would be welcome would include aspects of mirabilia in Chaucer, Gower, and Lydgate, depictions of marvels in medieval romance, clocks and machines as metaphors, mechanical automata unmasked, the history of the Golem, the use of puppetry in medieval drama, folklore of living dolls or wooden toys, and any theoretical aspects of idols and images, simulations/simulacra, and "thing theory" as applied to medieval studies.

Papers could also involve research into the history of science, Arabic studies, manuscript illumination, or any other related field that touches upon the presence of simulacra as object or as metaphor.

Please send queries and submissions to Anthony_Adams@brown.edu.