Generation X and Academia

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Elwood Watson -Professor of History - East Tennessee State University
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We are soliciting proposals for a collection of essays that examine the life of Generation X academics. The anthology is tentatively titled Generation X And The Academy. Generation X faculty from all disciplines are welcomed to submit abstracts.

All topics will be considered; however, essays that examine personal experiences be they issues of race, marriage, divorce, sexuality , religion, life in the academy, life post academia, personal politics and disabilities are particularly welcomed.

Essays must be first person and about the personal life history of the author his or herself. Moreover, all contributors must have worked at some point in academia be it in an academic, administrative, consultant or adjunct faculty position etc…

The editors of this project will be Marc Shaw professor of English and Theater at Hartwick College. John Kille a former professor at Michigan State University and now and researcher for a consulting firm and Elwood Watson, professor of History and American Studies at East Tennessee State University

Generation X is the demographic group of Americans born from 1965-1978. This is a unique generation on many levels with undoubtedly provocative stories and insights to share with others. Current and former academics of this group are welcomed to submit proposals of no more than 2 pages typed by either U.S. or e-mail to

Elwood Watson, Ph.D.
Department of History
East Tennessee State University
P.O. Box 70672
Johnson City, Tennessee 37614-1709

I am the contact person for this project.

While ABD's will be considered, STRONG PREFERENCE will be given to Ph.D.'s, Ed.D.'s MBA's J.D.'s and those with other terminal degrees. Contributors must have been born between the years mentioned above. .

Deadline for Proposals – November 30, 2009

NOTE – We are in the process of securing a publisher.

We are looking for proposals that will result in non-fiction essays. We are not seeking poetry, fiction or other related genres.