Charles Olson and Influence (abstracts by 12/1/09)

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Gary Grieve-Carlson/ALA San Francisco May 27-30, 2010
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Charles Olson's work gathers a vast range of sources that influenced his thought and poetry. Major influences on his work include Ezra Pound, William Carlos Williams, Melville, Carl Sauer, Jung, Hesiod, Alfred North Whitehead, Herman Weyl, and many others. Influences also include methods, concepts, and disciplines such as archeology, dance, projective geometry, and serial music. Olson's work in turn influenced a number of poets, including Creeley, Duncan, Susan Howe, and others often overlooked in discussions of Olson, such as Rosemarie Waldrop and Amy Clampitt. Papers on these types of influence and the work of Olson are welcome. Proposals of 250 words or less should be sent to Gary Grieve-Carlson at and Jeff Gardiner at Jeffrey.Gardiner@Sun.COM and