[UPDATE] Call for Submissions to "Writing Our Hope"

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Booker T. Washington Magnet High School

"Writing Our Hope" is a bi-annual literary journal of creative nonfiction and poetry that publishes student work on themes of tolerance and equality. Submitted works should have a hopeful tone, focusing on solutions and possibilities in the present and future, rather than only a description or cataloguing of injustices in the past or present. In its first two years, "Writing Our Hope" has published the work of high school students, but it is now expanding to include works by college undergraduates, ages 17-24, and their professors.

For submission guidelines on how college undergraduates may submit writings individually, see http://www.writingourhope.org/guidelines-college.html.

For information on how a professor may submit a body of student work for publication in a Supplement, see http://www.writingourhope.org/teachers.html

"Writing Our Hope" is a project of the creative writing program at Booker T. Washington Magnet High School, a public arts magnet high school in Montgomery, Alabama. The project was funded in its inception by a Teaching Tolerance grant from the Southern Poverty Law Center.