Eu, Yo, Me: Contemporary Notions of Subjectivity in Hispanic and Luso Brazilian Cultures; February 19-20, 2010

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Isis Irizarry and select students of Trinity College

This student-initiated conference aims to invoke the images of individuals and/in their communities, how they develop, focusing on the aspects of contemporary culture and society that influence this development.The discussions addressed involve concepts of individualism and self, work with identity within a community / social network: How is one defined based on (or in spite of) their surroundings? How do authoritarian governments impact current society and memory? How does the current economic situation impact how citizens—individuals and communities—act?

What molds the individual that inhabits these spaces? Movies and novels, the songs that play on the radio, the commercials and advertisements we see, all impact us. This environment can ignore and reject certain members, resulting in a marginalized subject. How does memory and politics influence developing, postcolonial countries living after authoritarian governments? In what ways do these influences manifest themselves in contemporary Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Cultures? What institutions determine the development of a subject and the subject's identity? How do they do this? Is there a failed attempt at control or guidance? Can some sense of a subject be pinpointed, represented in the visual or written arts?

We strongly encourage submissions proposing transnational views that treat the contemporary subject as highly mobile and changing. We encourage submissions from students and faculty alike: papers, visual art, and short performance pieces. 

Honorary Poet: Guillermo Rebollo-Gil (Puerto Rico)

Keynote Speaker: TBA


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