Final Reminder CFP (30/10): Forgotten Bodies PG Conference, 9th Jan 2010

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The University of Exeter
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Forgotten Bodies will provide a forum in which postgraduate researchers can explore often overlooked discourses, representations and practices relating to embodiment, sexuality and gender. Previous research into this field has often urged overly simplistic hegemonic models of practices, desires and identities, which this conference hopes to reassess. Our main objective is to explore the challenges of not only researching, including but also re-positioning so-called 'forgotten bodies' in academic programmes.

This interdisciplinary conference encourages papers from all disciplines, including, but not restricted to, cultural studies, gender studies, history, literary studies, media studies, modern languages, psychology, sociology and those taking an experimental format or approach. The themes the conference wishes to address and reflect upon include the following:

- How can bodies be forgotten?

- What modes of representation are most useful for reclaiming these forgotten bodies? What types of methodology could be helpful?

- Who forgets about these bodies?

- 'Normative' and 'non-normative' sexual practices (e.g. BDSM).

- Remembering the other letters in LGBTQI (Bisexuality, Transgender and Intersex).

- Heterosexuality Studies.

- Masculinity Studies.

- Disability Studies.

- Sexuality and Ageism (both childhood and old-age).

- Fat Studies.

- Cosmetic Surgery and Intentional Body Modification.

- The relationship between representations and lived experiences.

- Western Representations of Non-European practices.

Proposals are invited for individual papers of 20 minutes (including any video clips or other visual presentation) followed by 10 minutes discussion, or for panels (3 speakers, 20 minutes presentation plus 10 minutes discussion each) on any area of research related to the idea of Forgotten Bodies. Proposals (150-250 words in Microsoft Word format or its equivalent) and a brief biography (150 words max.) should be sent by 30th October 2009 to Caroline Walters at

We intend to have a variety of creative pieces (short films, artwork and sound installations etc.) on display alongside the more traditional academic papers. Please send a sample with a short covering letter to Caroline Walters at