New Anthology on African Traditional Religions/African Diasporic Religious belief systems

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Cherie Ann Turpin and Anika Cazenave

Proposals are invited for an edited collection of scholarly essays and autobiographical essays on African Traditional Religions/African Diasporic Religious belief systems. The editors of this collection seek to explore the following questions: Who are ATR practitioners? How do they function in African Diasporic communities where Christianity and/or Islam religious practices are expected? Who is out of the "broom closet"? Should they be out of the "broom closet"? How do they define relationships, associations, and/or boundaries with other religious/cultural traditions—and where do boundaries become less certain? What are their intersections with other communities of faith or identity? How are ATR practitioners transforming discourses on communal and/or national ethics and morality, as well as complicating or challenging notions of cultural unity? Submitted proposals may explore but are not limited to the following areas of focus in their essays:

GLBT involvement in ATR
Youth and ATR
Identity Politics and ATR
Multiracial/Multicultural participation in ATR practices
Orthodox/Non-Orthodox notions of ATR praxis/ritual, exclusionary politics
Paganisms and ATR
ATR and corporate workspaces
Legal issues and ATR
Sexism and ATR
Gender and ATR
ATR and Scientific/Medical discourse
ATR and Science Fiction/Afrofuturism/Speculative Fiction

Abstracts: 250 words in length.
Deadline for Abstracts: February 28, 2010
Deadline for Complete Papers: June 30, 2010
Please submit proposals to Cherie Ann Turpin ( or or Anika T. Cazenave (