[UPDATE] Politics and Literature: Winter Issue of PLJ - Deadline Extended - 11/10/09

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Pennsylvania Literary Journal

The deadline for the Winter Issue, "Politics and Literature" of the Pennsylvania Literary Journal is extended until November 10th. The last few months revealed great news for this new publication. It will be listed in the MLA International Bibliography and the MLA Directory of Periodicals in December. EBSCO Humanities International Complete will make the critical essays available to a wide academic audience. We are also listed on the Electronic Collection of Library and Archives Canada. The business is registered in Pennsylvania. The first Summer Issue, "Experiments," is numbered, ISSN 2151-3066. A connected project, the "Abolitionist Women Writers Archive," http://sites.google.com/site/abolitionistwomen, will be included in the Poetess Collection, which in exchange will help the Editor improve the website for inclusion in the Nines.org database. We also just received our first donation, and hope that donations for the Winter Issue will cover the $35 copyrights fee. The peer-review board is hard at work over the next publication. We received submissions of better quality in this round, but too few critical essays, so the deadline is being expended.

Classical authors frequently blended politics with fiction. Dumas and Shakespeare's histories and tragedies, Stowe, Dickens and Twain's abolitionist agenda, Swift's sarcastic and the realists' and naturalists' melancholic anti-poverty and corruption stands, Cooper's plea for the rights of the Native Americans, and Conrad's protest against colonialism are some examples of canonical encounters between the causes of social justice and literary interpretations or portrayals of the ills that plague humanity. Essays on the edges and even outside of this topic will be welcomed as well, but, those that explore it will be given priority. All literary periods from the beginning of written thought to the present day are relevant. The writers studied can be from any nation, gender, sexual orientation and the like. Please do translate all foreign words in endnotes into English, so that your English-speaking readers can understand every word of your argument. Poetry does not need to have a political slant, but political poetry is especially coveted. Critical essays should only have Endnotes, rather than Footnotes. The preferred reference style is the Chicago Manual of Style, as it is easier to read in a hypertext file. If you have an unformed or uncertain idea, do send a query with questions to the Editor, Anna Faktorovich at pennsylvaniajournal@gmail.com. Emailed submissions are preferred. They can also be mailed to Anna Faktorovich, 1800 Lisa Dr., #2, Indiana, PA 15701. The Editor's Career Portfolio can be found at, http://sites.google.com/site/annafaktorovich.