CFP: Hot Metal Bridge, Confronting the Digital, Deadline Extended

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Hot Metal Bridge--Graduate Literary Magazine of the University of Pittsburgh

Hot Metal Bridge would like to extend until November 17th its deadline for submissions. Also, at this point we would like to encourage submissions of a more general topical nature. Please read the CFP below.

Hot Metal Bridge ( is looking for innovative critical work from graduate students and scholars across the humanities. As a forum for a variety of approaches to cultural criticism, we want your seminar and conference papers, your unpublished chapters, your articles and miscellany. Our aim is to create a space for previously unpublished pieces that may not find an easy home elsewhere. Because critical work is inherently creative, we encourage interdisciplinarity and hybridity in both form and content.

For the first time, our Fall 2009 issue will feature articles constellated around a specific theme. The increasingly digital manner in which we engage with the world—what Alexander Galloway and Eugene Thacker call "network being, a Dasein specific to network phenomena"—gestures toward the impending declaration of the "death of analog." We are interested in exploring some of the implications of near-ubiquitous digitization, especially the implications this has for work in the humanities, a field that has been dominated by the analogical since the invention of the pen. So for this issue, we specifically invite submissions loosely gathered around themes of the digital (for instance, but not limited to):

--Literature read through a digital lens
--The materiality of the text and textual apparatus of the book
--Digitality and poststructuralism: fragmentation in practice
--Modes of composition: digital pedagogy, multimodal making
--(New) Forms? New Form(alism)?
--Digital effects on the production of literature
--Networks and network theory
--Digital ecologies
--The posthuman and the machine
--Digitization in the academy

As noted above, however, submissions at this point need not specifically or explicitly engage with the digital, as we are in the process of considering a broader range of work.

Send articles and papers, 15 to 30 pages in length, to before November 17, 2009. A 200-300 word abstract should be included in the body of your email, in addition to a brief bio. Please note name and title in the subject heading of your email—your name should not appear in your attached submission (Word file .doc, .docx, or .rtf). MLA style is required; submit other citation styles with the understanding that a conversion to MLA will be required for publication.