UPDATE: New World Francophonie: ACLA Panel, April 1-4, 2010

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Monika Giacoppe, Ramapo College/ American Comparative Literature Association
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The ACLA's annual meeting in New Orleans seems an ideal time to address the francophone literatures and cultures of the "New World," too often considered only as an afterthought in comparative American Studies. This seminar aims to examine francophone cultures both in the U.S. and throughout North America, and the linkages that connect these varied traditions. Papers addressing Louisiana's French and Creole traditions will be especially welcome, but so will be papers addressing other aspects of "New France": Québecois, Martiniquais, Haitian culture, and their composites (Haitian writers in Montréal, or the rural and urban francophone cultures of the Lower Mississippi, for example). Topics are not limited to the literary: discussions of musical traditions, historical self-fashionings, French-language newspapers, radio programs, and other subjects are also solicited. How might "Accenting the French in Comparative American Studies," as Mary Jean Green's recent article proposes doing, alter our understanding of the discipline?

Please submit 250-word proposals by November 23 to the following web address:

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The ACLA's annual conferences have a distinctive structure in which most papers are grouped into twelve-person seminars that meet two hours per day for the three days of the conference to foster extended discussion. Some eight-person (or smaller) seminars meet just the first two days of the conference. This structure allows each participant to be a full member of one seminar, and to sample other seminars during the remaining time blocks. Previous conference programs that show this pattern are available at the ACLA website. The conference also includes plenary sessions, workshops and roundtable discussions, a business meeting, a banquet, and other events. Although you needn't be an ACLA member to propose a paper, you must be a member to present at the conference.