CSU Fullerton's Annual Graduate Conference, February 5-6, 2010 (Revised Deadline)

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Acacia Group

CSU Fullerton's Annual Graduate Conference, February 5-6, 2010
The Acacia Group at Cal State Fullerton, an organization of English graduate students and faculty members committed to developing student scholastic advancement while fostering a strong sense of academic community, is currently accepting proposals for its annual graduate conference.

While the Acacia Conference is organized to meet the needs of graduate students and faculty, we welcome contributions from academics at all levels.

We hope to inspire interdisciplinary discourse through this year's theme of Parallax, and as such we are interested in submissions exploring ideas associated with the concept of perspective. Viewing a text from multiple or shifting perspectives displaces it from its original foundation, thus creating the opportunity for an individual to resituate the text within a broader context. In order to consider theorizations, interpretations, and representations of parallax as it pertains to the various forms of texts that exist in our society, we would like to draw together work from a range of disciplines including but not limited to English, Rhetoric and Composition, Creative Writing, Linguistics, Comparative Literature, American Studies, History Philosophy, Gender Studies, Ethnic Studies, Art History, Film and Television Studies, Popular Culture, etc.

For individual papers, please submit a 250-word abstract and a brief biography (only 1-3 sentences). Due to the nature of this year's theme, we are also welcoming coauthored papers as well as panel submissions. For panels, please submit a 250-word description of the panel topic in addition to the individual paper submissions. Submissions should be sent to acaciaconference2010@gmail.com by December 11, 2009. Please include the title of your paper, school affiliation (if any), and your e-mail address along with your submission.