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The online journal "Jura Gentium Cinema" ( is seeking film reviews (between 500 and 1000 words) and articles (3,000-7,000 words) for a special issue on Jewish film.

As the Jura Gentium is a center devoted to the study of international law and global politics, the films addressed in this issue should address at least one aspect of this broad field and how it relates to Jewish people, culture, history, or religion anywhere in the world. Acceptable topics would also include documentaries about or film interpretations of the Holocaust, anti-Semitism, the Jew as "other", Jewish identity, culture clashes among Jews of different ethnicities/cultures/nationalities, minorities within the Jewish community, relationships between Israelis/Palestinians, the kosher food industry, Jewish geography, the Israeli movie industry, and the Israeli film fund.

Film reviews should be informative and evaluative, without being dismissive: that is, the reviewer should find some value in the work being reviewed.

For examples of previous publications, please go to our website For questions regarding submissions for this issue, please contact Rachel Wexelbaum at

Deadline for submissions is March 1, 2010.