[UPDATE] Bridges and Borders Graduate/Undergraduate Conference

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English Graduate Advancement and Development Society at The University of Texas at Brownsville

The English Graduate Advancement and Development Society (EGADS!) at the University of Texas at Brownsville will host its annual graduate/undergraduate English studies conference on Saturday, Feb. 20, 2010. This year's topic is "Bridges and Borders: Exploring the Confluence of Languages, Disciplines, and Cultures."
Bridges are frequently built up and torn down, and borders often change. The boundaries between people, places and things blur and break. This happens with governments, but it is equally true in literature and rhetoric. Authors frequently challenge our notions of what is acceptable, they point out our close-mindedness, and they show us new paths.
UTB/TSC, at the southern tip of Texas, is just a step away from the large Mexican city of Matamoros and only 30 minutes from the white sandy beaches of South Padre Island.
Abstracts (250 words) must be submitted to EgadsConference@gmail.com by Dec. 15, 2009. This year's conference panels are: rhetoric and composition, creative writing, American literature, British literature, and theoretical and pedagogical issues in English studies. All papers will be considered.