Louisa May Alcott as Pop Culture Icon

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Louisa May Alcott Society
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For American Literature Association Conference, May 27-30, 2010

Alcott was known to refer to herself as Aesop's "goose who laid the golden egg" - once in a poem, "The Lay of the Golden Goose," written during her 1870 escape abroad; and again in her 1886 novel *Jo's Boys*, in the chapter "Jo's Last Scrape," which concerns attempts by Alcott's fictional persona, Jo March, to repel hordes of autograph seekers. To call Alcott's work popular is an understatement; from Alcott's day to our own, it has created a commercial enterprise of extraordinary profitability. From Madame Alexander dolls to comic books to award-winning biographies and inter-novels, to films, musicals, and operas, to the forthcoming mashup *Little Women and Werewolves*, the Alcott industry keeps on producing. This session will consider Alcott's fame and fortune in her own day as well as well as her continuing pop culture and political legacy.

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