Exploring the Limits and Possibilities of Intentional Communities (01/08/10; ASA 2010)

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Lisa Botshon
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American Studies Association Conference 2010
Proposed panel call for papers

CFP: Beyond Land, Identity, and Oppression: Exploring the Limits and Possibilities of Intentional Communities

In light of this year's ASA theme – Crisis, Chains, and Change – we are seeking papers for a panel that investigates the idea of the intentional community in the Americas.

An "intentional community" is a group of people who have chosen to live together with a common purpose, working cooperatively to create a lifestyle that reflects their shared core values. The people may live together in a rural area, in a suburban home, or in an urban neighborhood; they may share a single residence or live in a cluster of dwellings. This definition spans a wide variety of groups, including but not limited to communes, ecovillages, student cooperatives, land co-ops, cohousing groups, monasteries, and farming collectives. Although quite diverse in philosophy and lifestyle, these groups challenge mainstream life ways in pursuit of new paradigms.

We invite submissions for papers that explore any aspect of intentional communities from all eras -- from their political, economic, spiritual, and/or social aspirations and meaning in American culture, to literary, filmic or audio representations.

Please send abstracts to Lisa Botshon (botshon@maine.edu) or Sarah Hentges (sarah.hentges@maine.edu) by 8 January 2010.