Women as Leaders in Education: Succeeding Despite Inequity, Discrimination, and Other Challenges

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Jennifer L. Martin/Oakland University
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Women as Leaders in Education: Succeeding Despite Inequity, Discrimination, and Other Challenges (working title), a new book published by Praeger, will bring together a multidisciplinary and multicultural discussion of issues women educators face, including differences in leadership styles, obstacles to advancement, and pay, benefit and resource inequity. This book will address themes of ethical decision making, authority, power and leadership, and conflict in organizational life. It will also discuss interconnections among equity issues: sex, race, class, age, sexual orientation, and disability.

Please read below for call for papers. I, Dr. Jennifer Martin, educator and Title IX advocate, will edit this volume. I am looking for scholarly chapters to include in this text dealing with issues that women educators (in K-12 and higher education) and educational leaders have faced pre and post Title IX. I am looking for a variety of contributors: K-12 practitioners and administrators, professors of education, feminist professors, Title IX and feminist advocates, etc. I will pay particular attention to issues of intersectionality, social justice, and the issue of teachers as public intellectuals when vetting proposals.

Because Praeger's primary market consists of public libraries, this book will be accessible and geared toward general readers looking to expand their knowledge and understanding of these topics. Secondary markets, such as academic libraries, scholars, students, and researchers will also be drawn to the array of topics covered.

Some topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
Women and educational leadership: A feminist framework
Women's leadership in K-12 education
Women in higher education
Women and the principalship
Women and the superintendency
Women's leadership styles
Feminist leadership
Mentoring of women in education/future women educational leaders Bringing feminism to the fields of K-12 education and leadership
Bridging the gap between K-12 education (and leadership) and higher education in a feminist context How feminism can assist women in the field and women who aspire to become educational leaders or leaders in general
Personal stories of women hitting a glass ceiling in educational leadership
Feminist based solutions to the problem of gender inequity in education from bottom to top
An examination of women in positions of leadership pre and post Title IX
Historical and legal aspects of discrimination of women in education Teacher leadership
A historical examination of the traditionally female field of education and the limitations for leadership within this realm
A global perspective: Educational leaders working toward educational equity Sexual harassment of women in education Evaluation of female educational leaders: Unpacking stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination Women of color as educational leaders
From personal experience: Women educational leaders in K-12 systems
From personal experience: Women educational leaders in higher education
Activism and women's leadership in education

If you are interested in any of the above topics (or would like to propose your own topic as a contribution to this book) please write a proposal as soon as possible. Proposals may be sent to the editor at:

Dr. Jennifer L. Martin: jenm999@twmi.rr.com

Proposal Guidelines: Send to Editor via Email
* A detailed description of the subject, scope, coverage, and general research used for your proposed chapter.
* Copy of the curriculum vitae/resume for yourself and any co-authors/editors.
* Full contact information.
* An indication of how many photos, tables or figures, if any, you expect to include.
* An indication of when you expect to be able to submit a final manuscript.
* Please format proposals and any subsequent manuscripts in APA

If you have questions on this CFP, or on the proposal guidelines, please contact me via email. Please submit your proposals as soon as possible for full consideration. The book will have approximately 13 chapters. Each chapter will be approximately 8,000 words. If your proposal is accepted, the manuscript due date is summer 2010. Contributors will receive a copy of the book.

"This book illuminates the layers of leadership in education as experienced by women and perceived by male and female colleagues and students alike"-Dr. Dyanne Tracy, Professor and Chair, Department of Teacher Development and Educational Studies School of Education and Human Services at Oakland University

I look forward to hearing from you.

Jennifer Martin