CFP: Emerging Perspectives on Yvonne Vera (edited collection of essays)

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Dr. Helen Cousins
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We would like to invite proposals for contributions towards this volume on the work of Yvonne Vera planned for publication by Africa World Press, as part of their Emerging Perspectives series. Essays are sought for sections which cover the following areas although these descriptions are intended to offer suggested lines of enquiry, and are not an exhaustive list.

Part One: political and historical (re)imaginings
In this section, essays will focus on the ways in which Vera uses history, myth and political unrest to develop an alternative narrative of Zimbabwe. The essays could also explore more specifically the focus on a feminine rewriting of events and question the process of female representation in history and politics.

Part Two: trauma and violence
Essays in this section will explore the effect of violence in Vera's writing. This could include violence associated with war, violence against women, and violence committed by women. It might also include ways in which Vera's writing style works with and against such violent episodes.

Part Three: Vera and traditions
In this section, essays will explore the ways in which Vera engages with, and often subverts or transgresses, various 'traditions'. Traditions can be widely interpreted to include African traditions (e.g., how Vera is situated within Zimbabwean literature) and Western literary traditions and critical theories (e.g., ways in which Vera's work intersects with French feminisms).

Part Four: crossing spaces
Contributions to this section will focus on mobility within and between rural and urban (and other) spaces in Vera's work. The essays might develop the idea that writing creates 'a free space' for women (Vera 1992) or the concept of the restless modern subject 'railing against colonial containment and articulating its desire for an elsewhere' (Samuelson 2007).

Part Five: interviews and personal tributes
While the other sections focus on Vera as writer, this section will range more widely to include material on Yvonne Vera, the person. Contributions in this section will be more varied in format and could include interviews with Vera, obituaries, or personal tributes from those who knew her well.

Please send 400-word abstracts indicating the section into which your essay would be best placed by 26 February 2010, to both editors:
Pauline Dodgson-Katiyo
Helen Cousins

Full essays would be required by 30 July 2010.