Adrienne Rich's post-Atlas work

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Trudi Witonsky
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Papers are invited for a proposed panel at the American Literary Association's Annual Conference in San Francisco (May 27-30 2010).

There is very little critical work published on Adrienne Rich's post-Atlas work, except for the 2006 Virginia Quarterly symposium on Rich. Sometimes it seems as though she's been pigeonholed as a "feminist political avatar," as Marilyn Hacker says, and yet her work has developed with much greater complexity since that era. This panel would like to investigate Rich's ongoing ethical commitments since the mid-1980s, where she complicated her earlier feminist understandings. Explorations of Rich's post-Atlas work would be of special interest, since many of the subsequent volumes -- Dark Fields of the Republic, Midnight Salvage, Fox, School Among the Ruins, and Telephone Ringing in the Labyrinth have received little attention.

Please send abstracts of 250-300 words, together with a brief CV to Trudi Witonsky at by January 20, 2010.