Beyond the Cold War: New Directions in Soviet, Central and Eastern European Cinema Studies

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Dr John Haynes/University of Essex
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The Centre for Film Studies at the University of Essex, UK, is pleased to announce the international conference ''Beyond the Cold War: New Directions in Soviet, Central and Eastern European Cinema Studies'. This conference, featuring a range of distinguished speakers, aims to offer both a survey and a critical, reflective assessment of the broad range of new and emerging approaches to the study of cinema under the conditions of State Socialism in Central and Eastern Europe. We understand 'cinema' to include not only the study of specific films, studios, genres, directors and stars, but also more broadly strategies of production, distribution, and exhibition, reception, and audiences; we are keen to include papers on cinemas of the Eastern Bloc as well as the former USSR. The conference will, it is expected, generate a publication of proceedings.

This symposium will provide a timely opportunity to reflect on the current state of the field. So many previous studies of Soviet cinema were underpinned, in one way or another, by Cold War mentalities; twenty years after that war's end, we believe the time is right to take stock of the various ways in which the collapse of Soviet power has facilitated, perhaps even necessitated, a shift in the approaches of scholars from East and West alike. We encourage proposals that reflect critically on the new methodologies, perspectives, and sources that have been opened up over the past two decades, gauging their usefulness and their limitations.

The topics might include but will not be confined to: adaptation studies, 'transnational'/ 'World Cinema', cinéma-vérité, queer cinema, trauma studies, human rights, women's and gender studies, new technologies, eco-criticism, new developments in archival research.

The deadline for proposals is 31 January 2010. Proposals should take form of a 300-word abstract, accompanied by a brief biographical note, including publications. To submit a proposal, or for more information, please write to Dr John Haynes,