CFP for Panel on Independent Media (ASA 2010)

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American Studies Association
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I am seeking participants for a panel for the American Studies Association Annual Meeting: "Crisis, Chains, and Change: American Studies for the 21st Century," November 18-21, 2010, San Antonio, Texas

Panel Theme: Mediating Change: Identity and Activism in Independent Media

The American media industry clearly is facing a moment of crisis and change. While newspapers struggle to remain viable, electronic media are increasingly owned by profit-driven conglomerates. These cultural and economic trends have dire consequences for audiences seeking diversity, community and political critique from news and entertainment outlets. Yet this moment also presents a rich opportunity for independent media producers—citizen journalists, bloggers, community networks, filmmakers and others—to transcend the omissions and limitations of corporate media. This panel seeks critical, cultural and historical perspectives on independent and alternative media, broadly defined. How do these media represent the identities and agendas of diverse communities? How are they redefining who can report news and tell stories? What techniques do they use to attract youthful viewers? How do they foster audience interaction and political engagement?

Please submit abstracts and brief CVs to Kate Lehman at by January 10.