Blogging Domesticity: Lives on Display, American Studies Association Conference, San Antonio, November 18-21, 2010

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Anne Bruder / Bryn Mawr College
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Until relatively recently,hand embroidery, lace tatting, and vegetable canning might have suggested female confinement and domestic malaise to some. Now as Second Wave feminists begin to retire from their working lives outside the home, new generations of women have reappropriated their mothers' and grandmothers' needle and the spool, turning granny squares and crocheted doilies into fashionable accessories, symbols of a new and liberated domesticity. In their construction of intimate communities of unseen multitudes, female bloggers have both documented and propelled this movement. This panel seeks to investigate the intersection of identity formation, new domesticity, and internet technologies. We ask what kind of selves are produced on blogs? How
has domesticity been reimagined in the internet age? How do class and education function in women's domestic blogging? Please submit 250-word abstracts and brief CVs to Anne Bruder: by January 16th.