[UPDATE] Reminder: "Fearful Symmetry": Thinking Through Dualities,February 20, 2010

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Stony Brook University

"Fearful Symmetry": Thinking through Dualities
Keynote Speaker: Marianne Hirsch, Columbia University

Stony Brook Manhattan
Saturday, February 20, 2010

"Otherness is a fundamental category of human thought. Thus it is that no group ever sets itself up as the One without at once setting up the Other over against itself."
~ Simone de Beauvoir, _The Second Sex_

The Stony Brook Manhattan Graduate Conference, the longest running interdisciplinary graduate conference in the nation, welcomes papers and panels from all disciplines within the Humanities and Social Sciences touching on the following theme:

It is tempting, and often convenient, to conceive of the world in terms of binaries: good and evil, black and white, male and female, night and day. But, of course, in doing so we risk losing sight of the in-between, the shades of gray. This conference will explore the extent to which binaries and dualities may be a useful or reductive means for thinking about literature, art, culture, film, philosophy, epistemology, psychology, and the way we approach our world in general. How do artists and thinkers employ dualities to further or complicate our understanding of aesthetics and the world? And finally, have we moved—or should we move—beyond binary thinking in the 21st century?

Possible paper topics may include, but are not limited to the following:

Gender and Sexuality
The Abject
The Self and the Other
The Colonized and the Colonizer
Paradoxes or Parallels
The Breakdown of Binaries
Fractured Identity
Reflections and Reappearance
Polyphonous and Polysemous Texts
Hybrid Texts

Submit abstracts of no more than 250 words for 20-minute presentations to Meghan Fox and Katherine Foret, Stony Brook University, SBgradConference2010@gmail.com
Due January 9, 2010
Please make your name and paper title the subject of the email.