Screening New York's Not-So-Empty-Spaces, NECS "Urban Mediations" 2010 Istanbul

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NECS 2010 Istanbul Conference - Open Call Panel Klaus Rieser & Petra Eckhard


This panel seeks contributions that address filmic representations of New York City dealing with the dialectic between animate and inanimate spaces. The main focus of interest lies on the processes that mark the transition from place/space and non-place/non-space and vice versa. We therefore invite papers that deal with the aspects of spatial transformation evoked by the dynamics of (temporary) population, gentrification, de- and revitalization, etc., as well as with their translation into visual discourses. Not-So-Empty-Spaces could include, for example, abandoned subway stations populated by the homeless, viewing platforms on the top of skyscrapers frequented by tourists, street corners invaded by graffiti or stencil artists, or urban community gardens implemented by the local population.

*Please submit all proposals before January 31, 2010 by sending them via email to
Notification will follow shortly thereafter (around February 28, 2010). All presenters are obliged to provide us with a title, an abstract of max 150 words, 3-5 keywords, 3-5 key bibliographical references, technical requirements, name of the presenter and institutional affiliation.