CFP: Literature and Psychology: Marinetti's Futurist Manifesto and the Poetics of Psychoanalysis (3/26/10; SCMLA, 10/28-10/30/10

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Becky McLaughlin

Submissions are currently being accepted for the Literature and Psychology Session of the 67th Annual Meeting of the South Central Modern Language Association, October 28-30, 2010, in Fort Worth, TX.

This session welcomes papers on Filippo Marinetti's 1912 futurist manifesto and the poetics of psychoanalysis. As a way of bowing both to the notion of the "return" and to SCMLA's 2010 theme of "New Frontiers," this session proposes a return to Marinetti's manifesto in which he argues that "[e]very noun should have its double; that is, the noun should be followed, with no conjunction, by the noun to which it is related by analogy." And, further, he says, "Analogy is nothing more than the deep love that assembles distant, seemingly diverse and hostile things." This call for papers, then, seeks manifestos of the mind, cogitations on the poetics of psychoanalysis, the poetry of the psyche. As we learn from Freud, the unconscious is unconscionably good at putting together diverse and hostile things. Can we see into what new frontiers Marinetti's noun-double takes us?

Please email abstracts of 500 words by March 26, 2010, to Becky McLaughlin at or send by regular mail to Becky McLaughlin, Department of English, Humanities Building 240, University of South Alabama, Mobile, AL 36688.