Uniting Nations: Risks and Opportunities - Submission Deadline 28/02/10

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eSharp invites papers for the forthcoming themed issue. Issue 15, Uniting Nations: Risks and Opportunities, will open explorations on social, economic, cultural and political facets of internationalization and globalization. We welcome articles which take up the implications of internationalization in the field of arts, humanities, social sciences and education. We encourage submissions from postgraduate students at any stage of their research and early career authors within one year of graduation.

As the title indicates, Issue 15 pertains to the unification and conjoining of nations, whether as co-operative economic and political blocs, such as the European Union, the imposed annexation of one nation into another, or national policies on immigration / emigration, to list some examples. While the processes of national unification may bring with them economic or industrial gain, they may also be accompanied by the negation of cultural difference and their corollaries of political resistance and even terrorism; inversely again, international unions such as NATO work to counter or defuse such sites of intransigence. Even in political conditions where international migration is extolled (i.e. 'melting pot', multicultural ideologies) the acceptance of cultural difference can be contingent on how such difference is commensurate with the dominant cultural reality, and national differences may be incorporated and re-articulated as 'our' national difference. Issue 15 will be looking to collate its essays in a manner that would facilitate a dialectic on the risks and opportunities of uniting nations.