Ecocriticism in Asia: Reorienting Modernity, Reclaiming Nature? Dec.16-18, 2010 (Abstracts Due Mar.9)

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English Department, Tamkang University, and ASLE-Taiwan
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CALL FOR PAPERS: The Fifth International Conference on Ecological Discourse, December 16-18, 2010, Tamkang University, Taipei County, Taiwan
Ecocriticism in Asia: Reorienting Modernity, Reclaiming Nature?
Deadline for submission of abstracts: March 9, 2010
Response to submissions: April 15, 2010
Contributions are invited for Tamkang University's Fifth International Conference on Ecological Discourse. We invite papers that address Asian interests and contexts in terms of diversely contested approaches to "modernity" and "nature." Papers that are cross-disciplinary in purpose and scope are especially welcome. Such papers would intersect with a broad range of Asian environmental issues and concerns not limited only to texts treated by scholars working in the arts and humanities, but also ecocritical projects and initiatives that intersect with biology, chemistry, economics, government policy, industry and technology, the social sciences, and the natural sciences. The conference aims to be representative of the many arguments emerging in ecocritical discourse, including debates within specialized fields of study as well as larger issues engendered by the crisis of human-caused climate change affecting various places in Asia. In addressing issues of modernity and nature in Asia, what can we gain by reassessing the conceptual tools—in the arts, literature and philosophy—that have been abandoned during centuries of colonialism and modernization? Are there places and communities in Asia that provide new models for development that could release the earth from the expanding hegemony of global capital?

We welcome proposals which reconsider modernity and nature in ecocriticism from an Asian-centered perspective. Possible topics include (but are not limited to) the following:

‧ecocritical readings of Asian art, literature and film
‧literature, philosophy and religion and Asian ecologies
‧ecofeminism in Asia
‧ecology (Asian ecosystems, invasive species/native species, toxicity, etc.)
‧the impact of global warming in Asia
‧economic and demographic studies addressing climate change, food, and
species loss in Asia
‧animal trafficking and animal rights in Asia
‧bio/ecocentric public policy and political action in Asia
‧ecocomposition and writing ecologies
‧environmental justice/social justice/ecomarxism in Asia
‧space, place, and globalisation
‧ecotourism and ecopornography in Asia
‧posthumanist readings of Asian art, literature and film including the applications of cyborg theory.

The conference is organized by the English Department at Tamkang University with the support of the Chemistry Department and the recently formed Association of the Study of Literature and Environment of Taiwan (ASLE-Taiwan).

Proposals for individual papers and proposals for panels are both invited. Presenters are asked to prepare 20-minute (3,000-word) papers. Please submit your abstract in English or Mandarin (approx. 200 words). Send submissions in Mandarin or English to the organizing committee:

Proposals in languages other than English will be considered if we can group these together in one or more panels.

The historical town of Danshui is one of the Taiwan's most famous tourist destinations, known for its winding brick roads and sunsets at the mouth of the Danshui River. Accommodations will be reserved for guests at Tamkang University's Hwei-wen Hall guesthouse, a one-minute walk from dozens of coffee shops, restaurants and grocery stores, and local markets selling fresh produce, and a fifteen-minute walk to the Danshui MRT to downtown Taipei. The campus is just forty minutes by taxi from the international airport.

Costs of registration and accommodation: these will be announced in April 2010. (Funding is currently being sought for bursaries to provide for some of these costs.)
Excursions: two optional, one-day excursions.