Signpost Conference May 6-8,2010, Department of English, University of Yaounde 1, Cameroon

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Postgraduate Literary Forum, SIGNPOST
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MAY 6 - 8, 2010

Democratizing Ecology, History and Culture in Language and Literature

The 2010 Signpost Conference seeks meaningful and polemical papers that investigate into the relationship amongst ecological, historical, and cultural changes that impact the contemporary world. Humanity is experiencing a form of integration and reintegration – which in a sense can be seen as disintegration of previous hegemonies – that has never existed before, as reflected in radical approaches to solutions in the domain of ecology, history, and culture. The conference will thus explore ways in which language and literature have been influential or helpful to this development. The conference will further seek to address this composite issue against the backdrop of how post-Copenhagen resolutions can be vulgarized for a sustainable ecological future for all peoples and cultures. On the whole the aim will be to show how changes in these phenomena have received judgment and counter-judgment, contestation; and how minority voices have entered the world's stage, at the same time that majority voices concede to their own excesses.

Papers could be guided by, but not limited to, the following sub-themes:

- Ecocriticism in Literature
- Ecolinguistics
- Conservationism
- Language and culture
- Historicising Language and Literature
- Literature and culture
- Literacy
- Language and power
- Multilingualism
- Language varieties.
- Feminism, and ecological awareness
- Gender archetypes and the green discourse
- Postcolonial constructs and desert(ed) meanings

Deadline to submit a 200-250 word abstract is March 15, 2010. Abstracts should be emailed to Notification of accepted abstracts will be sent by March 30, 2010. For all questions or enquiries about the conference please email or call
77 94 48 11 or 77 45 28 61.