26 March 2010, The University of Connecticut's Fifth Annual Conference on the Teaching of Writing: "Local Knowledge"

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University of Connecticut Freshman English Program
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The University of Connecticut's Freshman English Program is calling for presentation/panel/roundtable proposals from instructors of writing (in all disciplines and programs) for the Fifth Annual Conference on the Teaching of Writing. While the theme for this year's conference invites reflection on local knowledge and the role of archives in composition instruction, we encourage presenters to interpret "local knowledge" and "archives" broadly. We also invite proposals on other related topics. Suggested categories and topics include:

Local Knowledge: Building & Using Composition Archives; Assessment; Curriculum Development; Action Research; Mentoring

Literacies: Reading, Writing, & Seeing as Interpretation; Writing Across the Curriculum; Writing in the Disciplines; Revision; ESOL/EFL

Who's in the Classroom?: Power Dynamics in the Classroom; Diversity; Contingent Faculty; Internationalization of Composition Studies

Where we teach: Computers & Technology; Individual & Small Group Conferences; Writing about, with, or for communities

Keynote Speaker: Professor John Brereton, "Archiving is a Verb:
Building and Using Local Composition Archives for Teaching and Research"

Friday, 26 March 2010 @ University of Connecticut, Storrs Campus

Proposals should be approximately 250-300 words and should include
1) your name
2) current contact information (email and postal mailing address)
3) the academic institution(s) and program(s) in which you study/teach/work
4) the title of the proposal
5) description of presentation/panel/ roundtable and, when applicable
6) name(s) of other presenter(s).

You may submit proposals for more than one presentation. Emailed submissions will only be accepted as Microsoft Word or PDF attachments; please indicate that your email contains a conference proposal by writing "Local Knowledge" in the subject line of the email.

Instructors: All teachers of writing, regardless of discipline, status (adjunct/graduate student/staff/faculty), institution, campus or level of teaching experience may submit proposals. Students: Undergraduate and graduate students in any writing course are encouraged to submit proposals. Collaboration (see below) between instructors and students is also encouraged.

Collaboration: The Freshman English Program also supports collaborative presentations, panels and/or roundtable discussions between/among any eligible presenters.

Deadline for submissions: Monday, 22 February 2010

Mail (postal) or deliver submissions to:
Freshman English Office
Department of English
215 Glenbrook Road, U-4025
Storrs, CT 06269-4025

Email Submissions to: fe.uconn@gmail.com