Panel for BAMS/SNoMS Conference, Dec. 10-12, 2010 (Glasgow):The Romanticism/Classicism opposition in Modernism from 1910 onwards

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Christos Hadjiyiannis

Panel for British Association for Modernist Studies and Scottish Network of Modernist Studies Conference, December 10-12, 2010 (University of Glasgow, UK): 'On or about December 1910 human character changed.' Centenary Reflections and Contemporary Debates: Modernism and Beyond

The 'Romanticism versus Classicism' opposition in Modernism from 1910 onwards

The opposition between romanticism and classicism is one of the most recurring and enduring themes of modernism. Yet, however, although critics agree that it is a distinction which underlies – and, indeed, determines – modernism's aesthetics, ethics and politics, questions relating to its origins, validity and implications remain to this day unsettled.
This panel invites papers that discuss the ways in which authors, critics and political commentators employed the romanticism/classicism binary and took sides in it during the turbulent opening years of the twentieth century. The aim is to examine the various ways in which different modernists used the terms - often as symbols, analytic tools or 'pantoscopic' lenses - and appropriated them to suit their individual purposes. When, and where, did this distinction originate? Why did so many modernists adopt it? Does the modernist opposition to romanticism betray a reactionary political agenda? Or was it a call for a violent, anti-bourgeois, revolution? What are the gender, national and cultural politics behind it? In what ways, if any all, did the opposition shape (and change) modernist poetry, prose and art? These and many more questions, with particular reference to one or more individual authors or movements, all become relevant.

The conference is the inaugural conference of the British Association of Modernist Studies and the Scottish Network of Modernist Studies. It aims to attract established scholars, early academics and post-graduate students from various backgrounds and across different disciplines. Confirmed plenary speakers include Professor Jean-Michel Rabaté (University of Pennsylvia), Professor Susan Manning (University of Edinburgh) and Professor David Peters Corbett (University of York), with an introductory address from Professor Laura Marcus.

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