[UPDATE]Modernism and the Orient, Hangzhou 2010

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Modernism and the Orient, Hangzhou 2010 Committee

Several potential participants have asked if they could still submit proposals. Since many more may not have be able to send their proposals by January 18, the Selection Committee

Below is an update we first sent on January 9,2010.

Update on Hangzhou 2010

Plans for the International conference on Modernism and the Orient are proceeding apace. Below are some details.

1. The conference will be held at Santai Villa (200 Santai Rd.), a 4-star resort hotel about 3 miles away from the CBD of Hangzhou. Zhejiang University Center for Modernist Studies as host has reserved a large conference room (on the first floor) and four small conference rooms (on the second floor) for the event. Please check www.hzstsz-hotel.com for links to a brief introduction in Chinese and English (1st from left) and to photos of its guest rooms and facilities (4th from left).

2. Participants can stay at Santai Villa for a special rate of 350 yuan ($52), single or double, per night. Breakfast included. Participants with laptops can check emails in their rooms with internet access. For reservations for its 60 rooms at the special rate and more rooms at higher rates, please contact kongfei87@yahoo. cn. Reservations are subject to availability.

3. Participants may also stay at Zhejiang Hotel, a 5-star hotel (278 Santai Rd.), at a rate of 750 yuan and up (about $110 and up), single or double, per night. Guests can check emails either in their rooms with internet access or in the hotel business center. For reservations, please contact hzjulia@yahoo.com.cn. Zhejiang Hotel Web-site: www.zhejianghotel.com.cn. Click "English" on top to go to its English edition.

4. If you intend to stop for a day or two to visit Expo 2010 in Shanghai, you may check http://en.expo2010.cn/ for purchase of tickets online. You may also check http://english.ctrip.com/ for search for hotels in Shanghai. Most hotels will accept reservations made via the internet and/or email. Professor Helong Zhang of Shanghai International Studies University has graciously prepared a short list of hotels near Shanghai South Railway Station from where to travel to Hangzhou (by Bullet Train or Dongche; 90 minutes; fare 64 yuan or about $10). You may contact him at zhanghelong@hotmail.com for more information.

5. Those who don't plan to stay overnight in Shanghai may take an airport shuttle outside of Pudong International Airport to go to Hangzhou Huanglong Travel Center (Terminal One; 9:30,10:50,12:00,13:30,15:30,17:30,19:30; 3 hours; fare 100 yuan or about $15). See the map of Pudong Airport: (at the "Coach" Station; inquiry at Exit 8-9). Or you may take Airport Shuttle Line No. 7 from Pudong International Airport to Shanghai South Railway Station (Terminal One: 7:50~23:00; Terminal Two: 7:55~23:05; 30 minutes; fare 20 yuan or $3). A taxi cab will take you from Hangzhou Huanglong Travel Center or Hangzhou Railway Station to Santai Resort Hotel or Zhejiang Hotel.

6. A registration fee of $150 ($100 for graduate students and spouses without papers) will cover a pre-conference reception and dinner on June 4; lunches and dinners from June 5-7; all coffee breaks during the conference, evening tour of Hefang Street (a recently restored Song-dynasty street) on June 5, and visit to the Museum of Liangzhu Culture (ca. 3000 BC) (Liangzhu Museum) on June 7. Participants may check out of their hotel either on the afternoon of June 7 or on the morning of June 8.

7. There are plans for a book table at Santai Resort Hotel during the conference. We encourage participants to bring publications to be displayed. After the conference, you can either retrieve them or donate them to Zhejiang University Center for Modernist Studies. There are also plans for poetry reading on the evening of June 6. Those interested please contact us.

8. The organizing committee will continue to review proposals (received by Febuary 12, 2010), and letters of acceptance and registration forms will be sent out via email in late January-early February 2010.