Wilde's Salome--Edited Collection (Abstracts due May 1, 2010; Essays due September 1, 2010)

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Michael Y. Bennett, Ph.D.
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Oscar Wilde's Salome
Edited by Michael Y. Bennett
University of Hartford

Rodopi Press Amsterdam / New York continues its series of literary studies entitled "Dialogue" under the general editorship of Michael J. Meyer. The series offers new and experienced scholars the opportunity to present alternative readings and approaches to classic texts (those which have received canonical acceptance in either American or Continental Literature). The call for papers will work as follows: The series editor or a guest editor (in this case, Michael Y. Bennett) will list several different topics or approaches to the text in question (in this case, Salome). These topics should have in the past elicited a significant level of disagreement among critics or have an inherent controversial element. Ultimately, the editor will select 6 essays from younger scholars or those with limited publication or more recent PhD degrees and 6 from scholars who are considered experts in the field. The latter scholars may write an essay that responds to the topics listed or may be selected by the editor to respond to the paper of a younger scholar. The goal will be to pair the readings and to establish a dialogue between the two respondents. Another possibility would be to share the senior scholar's response with an emerging scholar to establish a sort of Point / Counterpoint reaction. The major goal of the series would be not only to open the door to voices which are already silenced by the selective nature of academic presses but to encourage new approaches and insights that will both enliven the text and promote further discussion of the work in question. Presently, for example, plans are being made for a volume which will feature Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot and will be edited by Ranjan Gjosh and volumes on Cisneros's Woman Hollering Creak and Esquivel's Like Water For Chocolate will also appear in 2010. Emerging scholars will be defined by the following criteria: M.A., A.B.D., or recent Ph.D., Instructor, Lecturer or Assistant Professor status, publications limited to articles in journals and monographs and / or chapter studies; they will have 6 years or less from the awarding of a doctoral degree. Experienced scholars will demonstrate the following: teach at the Associate Professor level or above, have at least 7 years experience from the awarding of the PHD, be published in book length studies, and are considered to be an authority or well-known commentator on the title or author.

For inquiries, a list of topics, and/or abstracts (please include a c.v.), please contact Michael Y. Bennett at mbennett@hartford.edu. Abstracts are due by May 1, 2010. Essays will be due by September 1, 2010.