Comparative Literature Panel : East/West Cinema

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UC Riverside (dis)junctions conference
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This panel is interested in the "narrative representations of the sociopolitical world" as atheme,
particularly as this idea relates to filmic representations of East Asian subjects in "Western" films
(i.e. films directed by "Western" directors, produced mainly for "Western" audiences). Some
film scholars have argued that it no longer makes sense to talk about representations of minority
groups in "national" cinemas, because the entire idea of the nation-state and national cinema is
passé. But the cinematic "global landscape" is in a state of crisis. How can we discuss the
representations of Chinese diasporic populations in Western countries without reference to
national identity?

We invite papers that address questions such as:
-How are "Eastern" subjects represented by "Western" (European/U.S.) filmmakers?
-And the inverse: how are 'Western" subjects depicted in East Asian (Taiwanese/Hong
Kong/Mainland Chinese) cinema?
-Or, to broaden the scope of topics, I welcome papers that address these same concerns as they
relate to current novels, literature, TV shows or even the media.
-What is the definition of truly "multicultural" cinema?
-What happens when East Asian cinema is analyzed through a "Western" theoretical apparatus?

Please email abstracts of 250-300 words to Flannery Wilson at by
March 5, 2010.