"Folklore, Identity & Contemporary Fiction" RMMLA October 14-16, 2010; Abstracts due March 30,2010

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Judith Strathearn, RMMLA

Participants are sought for a special topics session at the 2010 RMMLA Convention in Albuquerque, NM discussing Folklore, Identity and Contemporary Fiction. I am seeking papers that reflect a connection between folklore and contemporary (1970-2009) fictional texts and how we reconstruct individual and community identities by revisiting folklore of the past.

Papers should explore, but are not limited to, how folklore, myth and legend impact the individuals development of identity; the ways in which a collective cultural identity is manipulated, constructed, or destroyed via the folklore of the community; how authors utilize folklore as a method of constructing contemporary space, place and/or nation; explore the disavowal of folklore and the ways in which contemporary authors are attempting to reclaim this folklore as a means reclaiming cultural or individual identity.

Please forward your abstract to judith.strathearn@colorado.edu by March 30, 2010.