SAMLA Fiction Writers

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Brian Ray/UNC-Greensboro/SAMLA
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The SAMLA Fiction Writers Session invites short stories of any length and style for the 2010 annual conference. This session blends workshop and panel formats. Participants will not only present their work to a live audience but also submit their manuscripts to the chair and co-presenters, before the conference date, for critical feedback.

Although short stories of any genre or style will be considered, the session chair especially encourages works that address the "interplay of text and image," as related to this year's conference theme. Such stories might reference works of visual art, photography, sculpture, and film, or involve artists as central characters.

By April 30, 2010, please e-mail an excerpt from the story (500 words) as well as a brief abstract (100-200 words) outlining the issues or subject matter the work engages, and what the author hopes to gain by sharing this work in a conference setting to Brian Ray, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, at