Tricksters: May 1, 2010

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Dante's Heart
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Dante's Heart: Call for Submissions
Tricksters -- 2010

Entries Due: May 1, 2010

What We're Looking For

Tricksters live in a world of ambiguity and chaos. They know no boundaries-- with nowhere they can't go and nothing they can't do, they are oftentimes the world's ultimate creators and destroyers. At Dante's Heart, we are interested in the endless possibilities opened up for stories, art, drama, letters, mixed
media, ... when a trickster takes center stage. We invite you to explore the unruliness of the trickster and so we call for submissions featuring trickster works.

Winning entries will be published in an upcoming (summer) issue of Dante's Heart.

Submit work by e-mail to
Subject line: Tricksters

Send your best work. Please peruse our journal, Dante's Heart, at, prior to submitting.

Dante's Heart offers an online venue for established and new writers and artists to share creative work that explores how myth and fairy tale define and are defined by the human experience(s). We want to celebrate the shock, wonder, bewilderment, suffering, and enchantment of myth, of the fantastic; we want to hear about rivers running with wine and ghosts jumping the Mississippi on motorcycles.

We're concerned with the neglect of myth, with the blindness of a
culture determined by myths it hasn't thought about; we demand (beg, entreat, scream) that myths be thought about, made and remade, handled with a delicate & angry/sad/ desperate/joyous exuberance.

Dante's Heart has no investment in being either traditional or
avant-garde, in genre or trans-genre, academic or popular; our whole commitment is to discovery, to surprise or be surprised.


Daniel Fusch, Ph.D
Editor, Dante's Heart