Archaeological Modernism (deadline April 20) (MSA 12, Nov 11-14, 2010)

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Stephen Park, University of Southern California
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This panel will explore the interplay of archaeology and modernist art and literature. While archaeology may initially conjure up images of museums and dusty relics, its methodological goals are thoroughly modernist—to strip away the accrued meaning of history and get down to the original object itself. It aims, in other words, to "make it new."

Potential papers might address the way in which particular artists and writers themselves engaged with archaeology. Some examples would be Diego Rivera's modernization of Aztec figures or Georges Bataille's interest in the Lascaux cave paintings (though less traditional examples of "archaeology" are welcomed). Alternatively, papers might enact their own "excavation" of modernism, offering a new material understanding of the early twentieth century apart from the modernist history that has been handed down. Participants are encouraged to explore their own interpretations of the phrase "archaeological modernism."

Please submit 200-300 word abstract and 2-3 sentence scholarly biography to by April 20.