CFP: READING THE SUSPECT: INTERPRETATIONS AND AESTHETICS 14th Annual Work-in-Progress Conference University of Queensland, Austr

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School of English, Media Studies and Art History, University of Queensland

The 14th annual Work-In-Progress Conference will address interpretations of the suspect from disciplines within the Humanities and take place on 30th-31st July 2010 at the University of Queensland, Brisbane.

Keynote Speaker: Professor Rita Felski, University of Virginia

Topics and questions may include, but are not limited to:

What is suspect? Does the suspect become somebody who is observed, and who simultaneously observes? As the object of this observation, does the suspicious become, at the same time, the subject of a new interpretation? Are these new interpretations ever original? How do we observe the other, the suspicious and do we become suspicious ourselves? Does the act of seeing become one of reinvention or deconstruction? What are the rules at play in this act? How should we interrogate the suspicious gaze and technologies of surveillance? How can aesthetic styles and movements express suspicion?

Keywords: interpretation/hermeneutics, aesthetics, reading, unknown, suspicion, suspicious, suspect, surveillance, original, re-invention, re-thinking, interrogation, the self, other, paranoid, watchful, vicarious, voyeurism, gender, race, gaze, seeing, secrets, subject/object, fraud, fake.

Researchers and postgraduate students from local, national and international universities are invited to submit abstracts, which contend with issues of interpretations of the suspect in relation to all areas of the Humanities.

The WIP Conference aims to provide a relaxed, but professional environment in which postgraduates and early career researchers can present papers to a supportive audience.

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