Society for the Philosophical Study of Education--Call for Papers for APA 2011, Minneapolis

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Society for the Philosophical Study of Education
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Call for Papers and Panels.

The Society for the Philosophical Study of Education will be offering two sessions at the annual Central Division meeting of the American Philosophical Association, to be held at the Minneapolis Hilton, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Wednesday, 30 March to Saturday, 2 April 2011. We are actively soliciting proposals for papers, panels, or mini-panels for these sessions.

We encourage submissions on all topics pertaining to the philosophy of education, but are especially interested in proposals addressing the following areas:

1) Non-Western Contributions to the Philosophy of Education.

As a follow-up to our sessions at APA 2010 on "European Contributions to the Philosophy of Education," we are hoping to present a panel on non-European and non-Anglo-American contributions to the philosophy of education. Papers can look at contributions from Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South and Central America, and other regions or ethnicities, and can include contributions from minority and indigenous cultures.

2) Critical Thinking and Curriculum.

Papers exploring the relationship between critical thinking and curriculum are encouraged. These can examine the relationship between curriculum and critical thinking, the extent to which specific curricular approaches affect critical thinking strategies, the definition of critical thinking as it pertains to curriculum, or other areas of concern, including the effect of globalization on curriculum development and on critical thinking, the role of propaganda in curricula and its effect on critical thinking, the intersection of non-western contributions to educational philosophy with critical thinking and with curricula.

Presented papers are considered for publication in The Roundtable, the online journal of SPSE.

Please send paper, panel, or mini-panel proposals to Allan Johnston at All proposals are due by May 15, 2010.